GNS Science facilitated a national workshop on groundwater – surface water interaction on behalf of the Groundwater Alliance. The workshop was held at Te Papa Tongawera, Wellington from the 30 August – 1 September 2015. Over 60 people attended the workshop from a range of organisations and disciplines including universities, CRI’s, consultancies, Ministry for the Environment, and council staff. GNS Science would like to thank all those people who presented in sessions at the workshop and all those who attended. This workshop brought together researchers and water managers to discuss GW-SW interaction and share approaches for its measurement and management. Participants of the workshop learned the recent advances in GW-SW interaction research, management and policy in New Zealand in a dynamic interactive workshop environment. Target audience were surface water and groundwater scientists, water resource managers and policy makers, and post-graduate students.

The 2 day program covered following topics:

  • GW-SW interaction overview
  • Methods for detecting and measuring GW-SW interaction
  • Stream depletion
  • GW-SW interaction modelling
  • GW-SW interaction uncertainty analysis
  • GW-SW interaction management and policy
  • Workshop summary and discussion

A document that collates all of the information gathered as part of the workshop is currently in preparation and will be delivered to attendees and other interested parties later this year.