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Preferred label English term Māori term
Pollution Pollution Paruparu
Food sources Food sources Mahinga kai
Protocol Protocol Tikanga kohingahinga
Potable water Potable water Wai reka
Life force Life force Mauri
Standard (water quality) Standard (water quality) te tikanga ture mo te wai?
Riparian Riparian Awataha;
Reservoir Reservoir Hikuwai?
Stakeholder Stakeholder Roopu
Runoff Runoff
Hydrological cycle Hydrological cycle Ki uta, ki tai
Hydrogeology Hydrogeology
Springs Springs Puna
Reservoir Reservoir Hikuwai
Sub-directory Sub-directory Rarangi konae
Low flow Low flow Nga wa mimiti of te wai
Highlight (text) Highlight (text) Tipako
Life cycle study Life cycle study
Grid lines Grid lines Pukurau
Software Software Pumanawa rorohiko
Icon Icon Ata
Infiltration Infiltration
Indicator Indicator Tohu
Level of protection Level of protection He pae whakaruruhau
Computer Computer Rorohiko
Guardianship Guardianship Kaitiakitanga
Ecological integrity Ecological integrity
Aquifer Aquifer
Database Database Patengi raraunga
River mouth River mouth Wahapu
Pool Pool ?
Swamp Swamp Repo
Cave Cave Ana
Lake Lake Roto
Groundwater Groundwater papawai
Dust Dust Puehu
Freshwater Freshwater Waimaori
Lithology Lithology
River River Awa
Guideline(water quality) Guideline(water quality) He ture mo te wai? Waiora?
Stream Stream Manga
Effluent Effluent Paru
Ecologically sustainable Ecologically sustainable
Fountain head Fountain head Matapuna
Flood flow Flood flow Nga wa o te waipuke
Water quality Water quality Te ahuatanga o te wai?
Wahi tapu Wahi tapu Wahi tapu; Wahi taonga
Clay Clay
Water table Water table Nga papa o te waingaro?
Taonga Taonga Taonga
Tangata whenua Tangata whenua Tangata whenua
Erosion Erosion Horo
Gravel Gravel Oneone
Limestone Limestone
Sand Sand Oneone